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Heeeeeee!! New week, new theme! I hope you like this one :D

Songs for rainy days

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  • Mostly, I encouraged you to talk about your choice, I'd take one really good song with a really good review written, remember that!
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Hakuna Matada
Because it's a problem-free philosophy. Try not to sing along. I dare you. Heck, try not to dance along.
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Well? Doesn't it make you want to... dance in the moonlight happily?
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Here are a few songs that make me happy, and hopefully they will you too!

Me and Mia by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. Most of their songs are very uptempo and upbeat. They make you want to dance around a little.

The Zephyr Song by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This song is great for driving on a sunny day with the windows rolled down.

Happy Phantom by Tori Amos. The word "happy" is in its name! I love the silliness of this song and its clever lyrics (i.e. "They say Confucius does his crosswords with a pen.").

Island in the Sun by Weezer. This has to be one of the happiest songs in existence.

Fitz and the Dizzyspells by Andrew Bird. Andrew Bird plays five different instruments and is a master whistler.


May. 19th, 2009 12:57 am
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Everything's on Mediafire, so enjoy!

COUNTING CROWS [Accidentally in Love]
THE ULTIMATE HAPPY SONG. The first song that came to mind when I saw the theme, in fact.

+12 MORE )
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Happy songs! Hard to choose in some cases, but here we go:

Little Maggots by The Matches. It's inexplicably cheerful and inspiring for what the lyrics are about.

Another inexplicably cheerful sounding song considering the lyrics is No Children by The Mountain Goats. Here's the live version with the crowd singing along that first made me love this band. I have a horrible tendency to sing this song in public places and get funny looks - I can't help it, it's so adorable!

(Also by The Mountain Goats: Jam Eater Blues and Letters From Belgium. A couple of cute little ditties about nothing much, always makes me smile.)

Now for the regular upbeat happy songs:

Ne Me Quitte Pas by Regina Spektor. Bubbly is this song's middle name.

We Intertwined by the Hush Sound.

Perfect Hair by Ultimate Fakebook.

Mad as Rabbits by Panic at the Disco.

And of course I could not end this list without a song by Tally Hall because they are the happiest band in the universe. I was hard pressed not to upload the entire album because I just want to hug it. So this is me severely restraining myself: Good Day and Haiku.

As always, if you like these artists spend some money on them!
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These are some of my favorite songs off of my Happy playlist. Enjoy!

The Ballad of Love and Hate - The Avett Brothers
This is a really cute song about unconditional love ♥

Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers
Best guilty pleasure song ever. It's just pure, unadulterated fluff. Give it a chance, you won't be sorry!

Under Pressure - The Used (featuring Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance)
This cover of Under Pressure makes me smile a lot. Mostly because Bert and Gerard were totally boyfriends.

Behind the Sea (Alternate Version) - Panic at the Disco
Really pretty acoustic version of Behind the Sea. I kind of like it better than the album version because it's so simple.

Ride on Shooting Star - The Pillows
This is the theme song to FLCL. It's really upbeat and happy!

She's Got the Rhythm - The Summer Set
The Summer Set is a local band here in Arizona, and they're one of the happiest bands ever.
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This past week was amazing, I'm glad you liked the theme I chose but now we're starting a new week and this means, new theme!

Happy Songs

  • You can post your own entry during the week.
  • Sharing, streaming and purchasing links are welcome.
  • Mostly, I encouraged you to talk about your choice, I'd take one really good song with a really good review written, remember that!
  • Non-account people can leave your recommendations by replying to this post.
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  • Have fun!

past themes.
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Some covers that differ somewhat from the source material. All on MediaFire.

XTC - All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
I found this on YouTube a while back. At first, I found it hilarious, however, it grew on me. This version is from Transistor Blast: The Best of the BBC Sessions, as I find it superior to the White Music version. This is pretty much how covers should be done -- in a style far different from the original. Definitely my favorite cover of a Bob Dylan song.

Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Wall of Voodoo turns Ring of Fire into a moody, synthesizer-driven dirge. Another example of how a cover should be done.

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae (Earl Zero)
A jovial acoustic cover by the "godfather of punk" of a reggae song called "None Shall Escape the Judgment" (you can find it on YouTube).
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... I just have music sitting around on Mediafire, okay? Plus I want to marry this theme and have perfect little mp3 babies with it.

MCFLY [Don't Stop Me Now]
THIS SONG. IS SO HAPPY. It makes me happy. I actually like it better than the original by Queen, gasp. I mean, it has the overly-polished feel of modern pop, but Mcfly seems to ooze happiness from their every pore. Give this song a try, seriously. ♥

FLYLEAF [What's This?]
Nightmare Before Christmas cover, COME ON. Jack discovering Christmas Town was kind of a manic and gleeful sequence, but Flyleaf's version is so melancholic it burnnsssss.

RISE AGAINST [Making Christmas]
Another Nightmare Before Christmas cover. I love this one, which surprised even me, since I don't have much tolerance for screaming in music. BUT. This time it works -- and the screaming technically lasts for like, three seconds anyway -- because there's a narrative in the song and even when they're rocking at a breakneck pace, it's expressive and a really fun listen. I love that they did the mad scientist laugh, haha.

You know. That song from the game with the portals and your bff the pet box and the cake being a lie. Yeah, that one.

Elvis Costello takes Christina Aguilera's Beautiful and turns it into a gritty, subtle song. It actually sounds a lot more heartfelt than the original, especially with his vocals. I searched for this track for days after watching that one episode of House; apparently it was recorded specially for the show.
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It was so hard for me to pick just a few covers. I have a pretty huge playlist on my iPod of covers and when I saw this theme I actually squealed. So, here's the few I've picked out for you. I tried to get most of them upload but not all I could. Sorry. =/

If you're crazy about covers then I recommend anything by Boyce Avenue. They do a lot of song covers and they're actually pretty good. Here's one for you.
Viva La Vida - Original(YouTube), Cover(MediaFire)

These songs I'm putting up because I thought they were better than the original. Which, I can't be too far off because the originals were rap or pop.
All Or Nothing - Original: O-Town Cover: Fake Id
Ice Box - Original: Omarion Cover: There For Tomorrow
Hips Don't Lie - Original: Shakira Cover:The Fray
Heartless - Original: Kanye West Cover: The Fray Download available thanks to [personal profile] pasunepomme

And the rest are just really great songs and their covers are great as well.
I Will Survive - Original: Gloria Gaynor Cover: Cake
I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Original: Death Cab For Cutie Cover: A Fine Frenzy
Flagpole Sitta - Original: Harvey Danger Cover: Chiodos

All the downloads are on MediaFire. Sorry for the ones I couldn't find. =( Hope you enjoyed my selection! =D
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I come bearing a few favorite covers...

Womanizer (Britney Spears)-Cover by The All-American Rejects

Now, I'm a big John Barrowman fan. If you don't know who he is... shame on you. But seriously, he plays Captain Jack Harkness on the BBC's Doctor Who and Torchwood. He's also a musical theatre actor and he sings AMAZINGLY!! So, I bring a few covers he's done:

What About Us? (Brandi)-Cover by John Barrowman from his newest CD, Music, Music, Music.

Heaven (Bryan Adams)-Cover by John Barrowman from his CD Another Side.

If you want any of the other songs from either CD just let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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My favorite cover band at the moment: Hurra Torpedo! Crazy Norwegians making music with household appliances? Hells yeah!
Here's All the Things She Said
video )

Jeff Buckley did many amazing covers, but I think my all-time favorite would have to be Calling You from Sin-E recording.

and I still have a weak spot for Faith No More's take on Easy
video )


May. 11th, 2009 03:54 pm
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Ragnar Bjarnason - Smells Like Teen Spirit
This lounge version with horns and percussion is so laid-back. I love playing this when people are around, just to see the looks on their faces when they catch some of the lyrics and realise what they're listening to.
(Similarly, for the five people who haven't bathed in its glory yet: (youtube) ukulele orchestra version!)

The Beach Boys - Crocodile Rock
Harmonic bopping fun. From Two Rooms, full of mostly-good covers of Elton John (Jon Bon Jovi's is terribad, but Kate Bush's and The Who's make up for theirs).

(youtube) Doug Anthony Allstars & Barry Crocker - Stairway to Heaven
This is a (live) comedic cover that angers my father, so you may not want to listen to it if Led Zep are your rock gods. Includes discussions on how words can sometimes have two meanings and the origin of "bustle in your hedgerow".
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I rarely like covers but Gus is just amazing. He's one of my favourite musicians and it makes me a little sad that hardly anyone knows him. I took this chance to spam him =p. They are all youtube videos and I hope you'll like them =).

I discovered Gus Black several years ago while randomly picking up one of his cd's in a music store. I have loved his music ever since. This will probably make me sound quite stupid but I heard his versions of the 2 songs below before hearing the original ones. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a cover idiot. I never know when it's a cover =p. I love both the original songs but I also like how Gus translated the songs into his own style. When I saw him live he sang both songs with only his voice and an acoustic guitar and it was amazing. When a song is great without all the extra stuff, that's good in my book.

Paranoid Black Sabbath || Gus Black

(Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult || Gus Black


May. 10th, 2009 10:13 pm
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Let me get this out of the way first: I kind of love this theme a LOT. I collect all kinds of covers because I find the idea of a familiar song hashed out in a different way really -- for the lack of a better word -- fun. I have a thing for folksy music though; you might see some sort of trend going on here.

+7 )

Oh yeah, they're all on mediafire, by the way. ♥ Enjoy!
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The only covers I seem to really enjoy are ones that take a completely different direction from the original. This is because they make me laugh. In this light, I give you:

Korn - Kidnap The Sandy Claws
Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings
Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
Raintime - Beat It
Children Of Bodom - Oops, I Did It Again
Richard Cheese - What's My Age Again
Pat Boone - Stairway To Heaven (he has a whole album like that.)

I genuinely enjoy all these, though your mileage may vary. And let's be honest with ourselves, no discussion of covers is complete without Gregorian chant versions of Metallica. I'd suggest you watch all of the Masters Of Chant stuff because it's amazing.

Masters of Chant - Nothing Else Matters

Hope you enjoy!
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Whilst I personally feel that not many covers have done the originals justice (although this opinion has changed after stumbling upon [community profile] audiophilia today :D), one of my favourite covers is Teddy Geiger's version of Brand New Colony by the Postal Service.

I was quite excited to listen through Teddy Geiger's album, and even more so to listen to the Postal Service's discography. Both artists have done well in their respective genres of music, bringing uniqueness with their sounds to the music industry.
Brand New Colony is the ninth track of The Postal Service's debut album Give Up (2003), and has to be just about my favourite on their album. The lyrics are heart-warming just like the rest of the songs on the CD, and whilst the original track itself is amazing, this cover is just as much so. Geiger's soft voice and gentle acoustic guitar accompaniment makes a great combination. The entire song is gentle on the ears and is perfect for a sunday morning sleep-in, or a midweek late-night fall-asleep.



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