Jun. 5th, 2009

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so mind the floorboards
for when the ghosts in your bedroom no longer scare you
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New week, new theme! I hope you have fun:D


  • You can post your own entry during the week.
  • Sharing, streaming and purchasing links are welcome.
  • Mostly, I encouraged you to talk about your choice, I'd take one really good song with a really good review written, remember that!
  • Non-account people can leave your recommendations by replying to this post.
  • Further information here.
  • Have fun!

past themes.
Singles | Covers | Happy Songs | Songs for rainy days | Acoustic

And now we will have a tagging system, so please add theme: (theme of the week) to your post. Thanks!
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Non-account people post

If you don't have an account but you feel like joining the fun, reply to this post with your recommendation. Guidelines can be found here.



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