Jun. 4th, 2009


Jun. 4th, 2009 11:12 pm
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Naive Orleans (Acoustic) - Anberlin I really, really love this song. The lyrics are ever so slightly repetitive, but it's such a pretty piece about breaking up and moving on and things like that. I'm not really sure how to describe the style, alternative rock, I think?

Chicago (Acoustic) - Sufjan Stevens I just recently got acquainted with Sufjan Steven's music, and I'm pretty much addicted. I read on Wikipedia that "Chicago" was his highest-ranking single on the charts, which definitely makes a lot of sense. It is a really lovely, folksy, easy song. I think it's my favorite out of the ones I'm posting.

If It Smashes Down - My Morning Jacket This one is the slowest, and I think the least happy, of the songs here. I think country rock or experimental would be the best way to describe the style.

Make-Up Smeared Eyes (Acoustic) - Automatic Loveletter The only female singer of the group! A faster tempo than the others, though still not particularly happy, but very nice to listen to all the same. The emo influence is pretty prominent on this rock-esque style, I would say.

Standing next to me (Acoustic) - The Last Shadow Puppets The style kind of reminds me the last song right before this one, but less emo. It's just really easy to listen to (like everything else, I think). I really like this a lot :)



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