May. 18th, 2009

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Happy songs! Hard to choose in some cases, but here we go:

Little Maggots by The Matches. It's inexplicably cheerful and inspiring for what the lyrics are about.

Another inexplicably cheerful sounding song considering the lyrics is No Children by The Mountain Goats. Here's the live version with the crowd singing along that first made me love this band. I have a horrible tendency to sing this song in public places and get funny looks - I can't help it, it's so adorable!

(Also by The Mountain Goats: Jam Eater Blues and Letters From Belgium. A couple of cute little ditties about nothing much, always makes me smile.)

Now for the regular upbeat happy songs:

Ne Me Quitte Pas by Regina Spektor. Bubbly is this song's middle name.

We Intertwined by the Hush Sound.

Perfect Hair by Ultimate Fakebook.

Mad as Rabbits by Panic at the Disco.

And of course I could not end this list without a song by Tally Hall because they are the happiest band in the universe. I was hard pressed not to upload the entire album because I just want to hug it. So this is me severely restraining myself: Good Day and Haiku.

As always, if you like these artists spend some money on them!



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