May. 14th, 2009

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... I just have music sitting around on Mediafire, okay? Plus I want to marry this theme and have perfect little mp3 babies with it.

MCFLY [Don't Stop Me Now]
THIS SONG. IS SO HAPPY. It makes me happy. I actually like it better than the original by Queen, gasp. I mean, it has the overly-polished feel of modern pop, but Mcfly seems to ooze happiness from their every pore. Give this song a try, seriously. ♥

FLYLEAF [What's This?]
Nightmare Before Christmas cover, COME ON. Jack discovering Christmas Town was kind of a manic and gleeful sequence, but Flyleaf's version is so melancholic it burnnsssss.

RISE AGAINST [Making Christmas]
Another Nightmare Before Christmas cover. I love this one, which surprised even me, since I don't have much tolerance for screaming in music. BUT. This time it works -- and the screaming technically lasts for like, three seconds anyway -- because there's a narrative in the song and even when they're rocking at a breakneck pace, it's expressive and a really fun listen. I love that they did the mad scientist laugh, haha.

You know. That song from the game with the portals and your bff the pet box and the cake being a lie. Yeah, that one.

Elvis Costello takes Christina Aguilera's Beautiful and turns it into a gritty, subtle song. It actually sounds a lot more heartfelt than the original, especially with his vocals. I searched for this track for days after watching that one episode of House; apparently it was recorded specially for the show.
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Some covers that differ somewhat from the source material. All on MediaFire.

XTC - All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
I found this on YouTube a while back. At first, I found it hilarious, however, it grew on me. This version is from Transistor Blast: The Best of the BBC Sessions, as I find it superior to the White Music version. This is pretty much how covers should be done -- in a style far different from the original. Definitely my favorite cover of a Bob Dylan song.

Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Wall of Voodoo turns Ring of Fire into a moody, synthesizer-driven dirge. Another example of how a cover should be done.

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae (Earl Zero)
A jovial acoustic cover by the "godfather of punk" of a reggae song called "None Shall Escape the Judgment" (you can find it on YouTube).



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