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Most of these songs are acoustic with either piano or guitar accompaniment. Some of them are instrumentals by contemporary musicians, but all of them music I listen to when it's pouring outside and I'm sitting at my desk, freshly-showered and with a giant mug of something warm and milky in front of me. I'm heading in a bit though, so I'll just leave the links here sans rewiews for you guys. Enjoy. ♥

AQUALUNG [Easier to Lie]


GAVIN DEGRAW [Follow Through]

HANS ZIMMER [Cry] [Instrumental]

HOWIE DAY [She Says]

RADIOHEAD [The Drugs Don't Work]


YIRUMA [It's Your Day] [Instrumental]

周杰倫 [最长的电影] [Mandarin]

東方神起 [Begin] [Japanese]

東方神起 [여우비 (Foxrain)] [Korean]
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I was going to recommend that Breaking Benjamin song :)
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Thank you!
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Yiruma & Begin &hearts